Edward Reynolds at the UK National Portrait GalleryReynolds, Edward, D.D.

Edward Reynolds was an English prelate, born in Southampton, November, 1599. In 1615 he became postmaster of Merton College, and in 1620 probationer fellow. He was made preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and rector of Braynton, in Northamptonshire; but in the rebellion of 1642 he sided with the Presbyterians. In 1643 he was one of the Westminster Assembly divines, and took the covenant. In 1648 he became dean of Christ Church and vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford. He refused the Engagement (1651) and was ejected from his deanery; was vicar of St. Lawrence's Jewry, London; restored to his deanery in 1659, and in 1660 was made chaplain to Charles II. In the same year he was elected warden of Merton College, and made bishop of Norwich. He died in July 1667. He published Sermons, Theological Treatises, Meditations, etc.

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Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. Prepared by the Rev. John M'Clintock, D.D., and James Strong, S.T.D. 1891. Vol. VIII:1078.
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